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Letter from Current President Ardis

Hello Members and Friends,

The election for the NAACP Lakeland Branch is quickly approaching. We need your support to keep our sitting president in office. We are requesting that all members of the local branch in good standing please participate and vote for Mr. Reginald Ardis.

He has brought the branch a very long way and it is respected for the good work of the volunteers in many venues both locally, state-wide, and nationally.

The Lakeland Branch is recognized throughout the State as being progressive, assertive, team members, and leaders of the civil rights effort for POLK COUNTY FLORIDA.

We need your assistance to keep him in office. Vote for Mr. Reginald Ardis for Branch President Lakeland Unit #5108 on November 8, 2018.

Below is just a snippet of the accomplishments our great branch has endured under his leadership. We would love to get him reelected to see what his next term could bring.

Lakeland Triumphs Under Mr. Ardis’ Leadership

  • During Ardis term, the Membership Chairperson has expanded the membership reach to include other City of Lakeland events which has increased our membership and increased our diversity. 

  • During Ardis term, the Lakeland Branch has joined the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce in order to increase our local presence. 

  • During Ardis term, the Financial & Economic Development and it’s Chairperson has position The Lakeland Branch to be ranked #1 in 2017 and #2 in 2018 in the State of Florida Branches. 

  • During Ardis term, the Financial accounting of the Lakeland Branch through the efforts of the Treasurer rank at the top of Florida in financial accountability and reporting. 

  • Ardis along with other community and NAACP leaders spearheaded the vote to remove the Confederate Statue from Munn Park. 

  • Ardis has represented City of Lakeland Employee’s in grievance issues at City Hall. 

  • Ardis along with the NAACP Legal Redress committee approached the State Attorney to hire more minority attorneys in the 10th circuit to date, since the request State Attorney Hass has hired 7 additional minority attorney’s.

  • Ardis over the last two years has held continuous meetings with the City Manager (held monthly) to improve City/Community relations. 

  • Ardis along with the Lakeland Branch Civic Engagement has held over 6 community meetings during the last two election cycles to educate Lakeland Citizens on the political issues at hand. 

  • Ardis along with the NAACP Education committee has partnered with Local Churches to with efforts to teach our you how to interact with authority figures such as law enforcement. 

  • Ardis along with the NAACP Education committee has sponsored Blackology 101, teaching our youth and adults about the contributions of the Black Kings and Queens of Africa. 

  • Ardis along with Youth Council Director has signed up NAACP youth from the city of Lakeland PAL program, and hosted community youth outreach events, such as Basketball Tournaments and festivals.

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